Rebuilt with Rubies

September 16, 2021

The past few days have been rough. Change and transition and growth can be especially challenging while in the middle of trying to regain the shaken normalcy from grief. Yet, to keep expanding our care for children in Nepal and serve those in my faith community well, we have to continue to grow, adapt, change, and move forward.

This can put me in a state of wanting a peanut butter cup, meaning I can get emotional from our loss more when facing the fact that a new season of growth and change is being forced upon us. Grief longs for things as they were but the world keep turning, the calendar keeps flipping, and lives keep needing someone to care for them.

It may be hard, but it’s what we signed up for – to help in bad times.

So the last few days, as we’ve planned a new kid’s home in Nepal and other ministry work, I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is not something that I’ve had to deal with in a long time, but 2019-2021 really piled it on my family. It’s been so heavy at times that I’ve just buckled at the knees and fell at Jesus’ feet – asking Him to pick it and me up. I can’t even carry my part of this load – so Jesus, here I am.

Well, the other morning, I felt my knees tremble again, and Darlene saw it. We take turns making each other coffee, and this morning she had snuck out early and delivered the best lateĀ“ to my bedside, then she ran to the living room to be with the Lord.

I got up and got dressed and felt the Lord remind me of Isaiah 54, one of our life verses. I shrugged it off and went into the living room. Darlene met me at the door.

“Dustan, I felt like God would have me share this verse with you.”

Afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, Behold, I will set your stones in antimony, And I will lay your foundations with sapphires. Moreover, I will make your battlements of rubies, And your gates of crystal, And your entire wall of precious stones.
Isaiah 54:11-12 –

When she read the verse to me, it went all over me. She continued, “You have been like a city, storm-battered. But God is going to rebuild you in strength, and prosperity, and beauty.”

A city, totally shattered by storms, rebuilt in jewels. The foundations sapphire, the walls jasper, the columns ruby. What a beautiful picture of what God does to us when he finds us in shambles. He rebuilds it with rubies and jaspers and sapphires and diamonds.

Strong. Beautiful. Valuable. And useful.

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